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  • The City of Pottsboro was founded in 1878 by J. A. Potts as a railroad town and over the next several years the town continued to grow in much the same way as most small Texas towns. However, in 1941 a military base, Perrin Field, was constructed south of town and in 1944, the Red River was dammed forming Lake Texoma. These two events were instrumental in shaping Pottsboro and its surrounding area into what it is today.

    Pottsboro continues to experience steady growth with current estimates placing the City’s population at 2,200 people living within our corporate limits. A unique feature of the Pottsboro area is that another 6,000 to 7,000 people live in the unincorporated area immediately surrounding Pottsboro which more than quadruples the size of our “community.” Residents in Pottsboro and the surrounding area choose to live here for a range of quality-of-life related reasons including a strong school district, the natural beauty of the area and well-developed recreation activities.

    Location is one of Pottsboro’s greatest strengths in terms of commercial and residential development, as well as corporate and recreational tourism. Pottsboro is located at the “Gateway” to Lake Texoma. This huge, beautiful lake is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Southwest. It’s famous for its great fishing, excellent marinas and resorts, its natural beauty and lively nightlife. The 89,000 acre Lake Texoma offers 1,250 miles of shoreline and spans the Texas/Oklahoma boarder just 75 miles north of Dallas and 121 miles south of Oklahoma City. A National Wildlife Refuge and a State Park are situated within 10 minutes from Pottsboro. The City is located on Farm to Market 120 running east-west and State Highway 289 running north-south which provides direct, nonstop, access to the Dallas Metroplex area. The City is also located within two (2) miles of the North Texas Regional Airport at Perrin Field, which boasts a 9,000 foot runway, and is served by the Union Pacific rail line. This location and multi-model transportation system places Pottsboro in a very competitive environment for commercial development and tourism.

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  • City leaders have prepared for anticipated future commercial and residential growth by undertaking several water and wastewater infrastructure upgrade projects. Aging water transmission lines throughout the city have been replaced and the recently completed construction of a 12” water transmission now provides additional water capacity on the north side of Pottsboro. The City has also purchased 5,000 acre-feet of water storage capacity in Lake Texoma to insure that future water needs are met. Significant upgrades to the wastewater treatment facility have also been made along with major residential street repairs.

    The City of Pottsboro will continue to be proactive to help manage all the anticipated changes but will make every effort to retain the small town atmosphere we all enjoy. The friendly, laid back atmosphere is pure Texas, both old and new. The outlook here is one of optimism and progress with an eye towards channeling the energy of regional growth into positive advances for our area. The City of Pottsboro is where we say… Come Play… Come Stay. Contact City offices https://pottsboro.govoffice2.com

  • Pottsboro Library Pottsboro Library

    The Pottsboro Library was named one of the three Best Small Libraries in America by the Library Journal. The library is the community technology hub in addition to offering popular books in every format. Our makerspace is available for those who want to experience virtual reality, use sewing machines, button makers, robots, or learn about 3D printers.  The Library of Things checks out non-traditional items like outdoor games, tables and chairs, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, camping gear, cake pans and tools.The Library is now much more than a place to check out books. It has transformed into a community center that serves all ages by providing classes, training, programs and activities for the education and enjoyment of Pottsboro’s citizens. Come see what we do.  We are more than you expect! Contact the library at: https://pottsborolibrary.com

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